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Welcome to our website for University Studies students, families, and prospective students. On this site, you will find reminders of important meetings and deadlines as well as information to help with analyzing interests and abilities, choosing a major, changing majors, selecting courses, meeting requirements, and succeeding academically at Virginia Tech.



Prospective University Studies' Students: 2014 Information



Transitional Advising

(Note: ALL transitional advising takes place in Pritchard Hall)

University Studies offers transitional advising assistance to undergraduate students who are not in University Studies. If one or more of these statements describe you, click here for instructions for making an appointment.

  • you did not get accepted to a restricted major
  • your interests have changed and you are no longer interested in the major in which you are currently enrolled
  • your major and/or occupational choice is unclear and you need help in clarifying and deciding on options
  • you are not meeting academic requirements for your current major


Fall 2011

Entering University Studies Students


For Summer Orientation Information please visit:

Dates and News:

March 15
March 24
March 25
April 1
Spring Break endsWeb drop/add begins for Summer 2014 Last day to resign without grade penalty Opening of web course request for Fall 2014 Close of web course request for Fall 2014


**The University Academic Advising Center has been selected as a University Exemplary Department for 2007: click here for details.

Force-Add Procedures Fall 2014

A Word from Our Directors

Dr. Kimberly Smith, Director
Dr. Herbert Bruce, Assoc Dir
Elaine Matuszek, Assoc Dir


Transitioning from high school to Virginia Tech:

Congratulations, you got accepted into Virginia Tech! You're probably both excited and nervous. Here are a few tips for making a smooth transition into the university.

  1. Be prepared. Make a list of what to buy or bring from home.
  2. Decide on classes. Consult with your academic advisor.
  3. Learn about the campus. Take a tour of the campus if you haven't already done so
  4. Develop your independence. Your parents are no longer there with you every day. It's time to take responsibility for yourself.
  5. Be prepared to make new friends. It's easier to make any new transition when you have people there with you.
  6. Don't go home too often. You have to get engaged with the campus.
  7. Get involved. Join a club, volunteer, or get a job.
  8. Have fun. Studying is important, but so is having fun (in moderation).

The University Studies Directors

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